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Stroke Information for Patient and Family

For more information, please download our stroke education packet. Among the topics discussed include:

  • how strokes are treated
  • the differences between right and left-sided strokes
  • what patients and caregivers can expect after surviving a stroke

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Stroke Resources

American Stroke Association

National Stroke Association

Minnesota Stroke Association

Minnesota Stroke System Designated Hospitals

Support Resources

Let’s Talk Again: A communication program for stroke survivors with aphasia
Offered by St. Cloud State University

Video: Stroke Survivor Stories and Resources

Stroke Support Group

Online stroke network: Join an online community for emotional support and advice from others like you.

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Hear from our patient

“It is so important to be treated as soon as possible if having a stroke,” said Kathryn, 50, who had awakened with a blinding headache a few days before her medical emergency in September 2012. Kathryn, from Annandale, made a nearly full recovery. “I don’t think it could’ve been any faster. The care at St. Cloud Hospital was excellent and having Dr. Suri’s expertise is such a blessing,” Kathryn said.