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St. Cloud Area Grief Support Services - UPDATED!

Note: Please contact the individual program coordinator prior to attending an event to verify meeting time and location.

United Way of Central Minnesota (United Way 2-1-1)
Free and confidential helpline available 24/7

Sauk Centre Area Grief Support Group – CentraCare Hospice Grief Support
Contact Jackie at 800-835-6610 or 320-259-9375. Registration not required.
Meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at CentraCare Health – Sauk Centre.
Free and open to all.

General Bereavement Support Group – Heartland Hospice
Contact Linda at 320-654-1136 1257 2nd Street N., Sauk Rapids
Free and open to all.
Heartland also offers a monthly Newsletter and are open to “one on one” visits.

General Bereavement Support Groups - CentraCare Homecare and Hospice
Contact Jackie at 320-259-9375
Meets 2nd Monday of each month 1:30-2:30pm – Upstairs Conference Room
2035 15th Street North, St. Cloud

Grief Share
*Atonement Lutheran Church (320) 252-6203 - 1144 29th Ave. N, St. Cloud.
One-on-one services are available by appointment.

Perinatal Loss Support Group
St. Benedict Room, St. Cloud Hospital - 1406 6th Ave N., St. Cloud.
For more information: 320-251-2700, ext. 53528
Meets 2nd Monday of each month, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Free and open to all.
For families with loss of an infant by ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death.

Healing Hearts of Suicide Survivors:
Meets 1st Tuesday of every month
Contact: Roxann at 320-248-1563
7:00-8:30 p.m., Pastoral Center, 305 7th Ave. N., St. Cloud

Melrose Suicide Loss Support Group
Meets 3rd Tuesday, 8-9:30 p.m. - April thru October.
St. Mary’s Parish Church/School-Melrose. Free and open to all.
Contact Roxann at 320-248-1563 for questions and/or meeting information for November thru March.

Children’s Grief Connection: Hearts of Hope Camp Family Retreat:
Family camp held twice a year free of charge to children and their families.
For more information call 877-226-7632, visit or email

Widowed support for younger widows contact:

Widowed Persons Socials
Social gathering at area restaurants three times a month.
Contacts: Betty Moffit (Breakfast) 320-492-1945, Betty Kampa-Miller (Lunch) 320-230-5466, Linda Ahrens (Dinner) 320-251-2358

Beginning Experience of Central MN
Contact: Jeff at 320-260-3635, or 1-888-565-0178
For more information visit:
Weekend retreat twice a year (April & October) for widowed, divorced or separated.

St. Cloud Hospital Grief Events
St. Cloud Hospital hosts a memorial service at 7 p.m. the fourth Thursday of each month in the Chapel. Family members and friends of those who have died in the hospital or in the hospice program the previous month are invited to attend. Invitations to the service are sent from the Spiritual Care office.

The St. Cloud Hospital Spiritual Care Department and the Women & Children’s Center host a twice yearly memorial and burial service for all miscarried babies (The third Thursday of May and October.) For details, call the Spiritual Care Department 320-251-2700, ext. 54621 or the Women & Children’s Care Center at 320-251-2700, ext.53400.

Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing: Position Statements - UPDATED!

The role of the Faith Community Nurse has been evolving. I believe I’ve seen more changes in the last five years than in the previous ten. During the Westberg Symposium in April 2016, we were introduced to the position statements that guide our nursing specialty which were developed by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center (now named Westberg Institute).

A position statement is an explanation, a justification or a recommendation for a course of action that reflects our professional organization’s stance regarding the topic. It’s very important that you understand the Scope and Standards for Faith Community Nursing and become familiar with the position statements.

The two statements that got the most attention relate to documentation and hands on nursing care (glucose testing is within this statement). Please retain a copy of these statements for your future reference. *Courtesy Lois Ustanko, Sanford Health, Director, Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry

Position Statements: All listed below are in PDF format.

  1. Position Statement on Wholistic Health
  2. Position Statement on Home Health Nursing
  3. Position Statement on Hands On vs Hands Off
  4. Position Statement on Documentation
  5. Position Statement on Comparing Other Nursing Specialties
  6. Position Statement about Faith Community Nursing Certification
  7. Position Statement on Transitional Care

Suicide Prevention Resources - UPDATED!

New in 2018! Suicide Prevention Educator for Outreach, St. Cloud VAMC Requests Help to Reach into Churches

I have been tasked with reaching outside the VA walls, to provide suicide prevention education. The information I provide, can be applicable to both Veterans and non- Veterans. I would like to come and do a 10 minute presentation on the basics of suicide prevention education; Learn the Signs, Ask, Validate, Encourage, expediate access to professional care (S.A.V.E. ) or Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR), during church services.

You don’t need to be a mental health provider, to help a person thinking about suicide. I would appreciate the chance to come and educate others, on how to start the conversation about a very difficult topic. We need to end the stigma of mental health.

Laura Kunstleben, BSN, MS in Gerontology, Suicide Prevention Educator-Outreach, St. Cloud VAMC, 320-252-1670, ext. 6975,

New Statistics

Recent news from the Minnesota Department of Health shows that suicide in Minnesota has risen 6 percent. To learn more and to see which group has had the largest increase, view the news story below.

Suicide Deaths Increase 6 Percent in Minnesota. MPRNews, Sept. 7, 2016

Local Support Group Information

Suicide Loss Support Group
Meets the first Tuesday of each month, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Diocese of St. Cloud - Pastoral Center, 305 7th Ave N
For more information, contact Roxann at 320-248-1563

Suicide Survivors Support Group
Second Monday of each month, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Peace Lutheran Church, 1000 Red River Ave N, Cold Spring
Led by Janelle Schenstad-Hodgins and Ellen Ellickson
For more nformation, contact Ellen at 320-685-7656

Healing Hearts Suicide Loss Support Group
Third Tuesday of each month, 8:00-9:30 p.m.
Church of St. Mary's, 211 South 5th Ave. E, Melrose
For more information, contact Deacon Earnie at 320-256-4207

More Info

Community Suicide Awareness Education Group

The mission of CSAEG is to increase suicide awareness, prevention and education.

Facebook page:
Phone: 320-429-5363

QPR is a suicide prevention training program that stands for Question, Persuade and Refer. You will learn three simple steps that can help save a life of a family, friend or community member from suicide.

People considering suicide often feel isolated and alone and may feel that no one can help them or understand their pain.

Recognizing the warning sign of suicide and learning the skills to help save a life is something that everyone can learn. Just as people trained in CPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide crisis and how to question, persuade and refer someone to help.

View the Community QPR Training brochure (PDF)

Suicide Gatekeeper Training

Suicide Gatekeeper Training is available statewide. Call Mary Jo Pine at the St. Cloud Veteran’s Administration at 320-252-1670, ext. 6719.

SuicideSafe: A mobile app that saves lives: Carry this great resource with you at all times on your phone. Have you ever been in a situation where you fear someone may be considering suicide? This link has valuable resources and ways to help immediately.

Minnesota Suicide Hotlines

Central Minnesota Mental Health Crisis Services

TXT4Life is a suicide prevention resource available in many counties in Minnesota. The TXT4Life program uses texting as a way for those in crisis or contemplating suicide to anonymously reach out and ask for free and confidential help. When individuals text the word “LIFE” to 61222, they are connected with a trained counselor who can help them by listening, providing tools and resources, and helping them get to a safe place, both emotionally and physically.

What Is Faith Community Nursing Poster - NEW!

For Faith Community Nurse's to use to teach about their role.

This 5 Finger Exercise was created by FCN Coordinators from across MN Poster Presentation at the 2016 Westberg Symposium. You have permission to use with their wholehearted endorsement, just credit it: ©2016 Minnesota Faith Community Nurse Program Coordinators.

The goal of this poster is to share a definition of Faith Community Nursing that we can all use and can help us explain across our state what we are in a common form. Our goal was to make it a 5 Minute Elevator Speech so we could tell people who ask “What does a FCN do?”, and have us all using a similar message about our FCN Specialty in nursing. You can use this form to create your own speech.

Faith Community Nursing Poster (PDF)

Create Your Own Elevator Speech Worksheet (PDF)

Advance Care Directive Resources

Light the Legacy (a community-based organization dedicated to improving end-of-life care in Central Minnesota)

Download the St. Cloud Hospital End-of-Life Decision Making booklet (PDF)

Video for use in Advance Care Planning Education

Talking about death brings end-of-life benefits

When Paul Pearson discovered he had inoperable lung cancer, he and his wife, Jean, didn’t want there to be any doubt about Paul’s wishes to put quality of life over quantity. They filed a document called an advance directive at their hospital, Gundersen Lutheran in La Crosse, Wis. Having a discussion like the one the Pearsons have had, say health care advocates, not only gives patients and their families greater peace of mind, it can save the healthcare system a lot of money. Harry Smith’s full report from Thursday, Sept. 20 on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams.

AED Automated External Defibrillator Law

News story: Church AED used at Parish Festival. Three receive Act of Compassion for life-saving efforts at Sacred Heart Parish Festival. (PDF)

A new law was passed in Minnesota that requires AEDs to be registered with a maintenance program by August 2014.

The AED Registration Law (403.51) requires all public access AEDs to be registered with a program that offers maintenance updates.

Carol Frazee, of the Allina Your Heart Safe Team, Supervisor, Heart Safe Communities, will discuss the new MN AED Law and free program to assist in AED use and maintenance. You can call to ask questions about the AED you have, set an appointment for her to come to your church to review your AED and polices and get advice. She also has grant information for purchase of AED’s.

To set up an appointment to have assistance and have your AED checked, e-mail or call 651-241-4470.

Allina Health Heart Safe is happy to assist anyone with any questions regarding their AED or CPR/AED training. They can check the AED for readiness and recalls, review maintenance of the AED, and assist in finding low cost/no cost training options in your community. Allina Health Heart Safe does not charge for of these services, and has available all replacement AED parts.

In Minnesota the easiest way to do this is by registering AEDs with the free Minnesota AED Registry.

Registering an AED with the Minnesota AED Registry is easy to do and can help the AED site manger maintain their AED by receiving notifications of the AED's upcoming electrodes and battery expirations, recalls and national notices, access to AED and SCA awareness building materials and the ability to participate in the AED Link system where available.

You can find a guide to registering your AED with the Minnesota AED Registry along with other AED maintenance information here. Minnesota AED Law FAQ "Public access AED" means an AED that is intended to be used by the public for the general public that may be in the vicinity or location of that AED.

"Maintenance program or package" means a program that will alert the AED owner when the AED has electrodes and batteries due to expire or replaces those expiring electrodes and batteries for the AED owner.

Blood Pressure Equipment Accuracy

Blood Pressure Equipment Accuracy is Important

The St. Cloud Hospital Bio Med Department in 2005 agreed to have blood pressure equipment checked for accuracy for St. Cloud Area Parish Nurses. Bring your equipment to the Bio Med Department at the St. Cloud Hospital. Bio Med is located in the basement of the hospital.

Turnaround is a few days for testing digital and manual blood pressure equipment. Bio Med staff recommends BP equipment be checked annually and any time you are concerned about accuracy.

For questions, call 320-252-2700 and ask for Bio Med. No appointment is necessary. Bring between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

*Other Faith Community Nurses have taken blood pressure equipment to check for accuracy to hospitals in their area.

Helpful Materials:

Blood Pressure Screening Guideline Cards (PDF)
This card for use at church BP screening clinics is from the CentraCare Heart Center. Make copies for people to keep in their billfolds to show MD, and/or to keep in locked file for reference at BP Screenings at your church.

Blood Pressure Ministry Guidelines (PDF)
Courtesy of WELS Nurses Association

Bystander CPR - Take Heart 1-Hour Class

To set up Bystander CPR Training at your church, contact Debbie Gillquist 651-775-7400. Her email is

This does not replace the CPR Class needed for Certification but is for ushers, food workers, etc.

Catholic Health Care Association Resources

Improving the Lives of Older Adults through Faith Community Partnerships: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit — a 2016 FREE publication

This 25-page booklet makes the case for greater partnership between health care organizations and faith communities in service to the elder populations they serve. It provides examples of current partnerships, suggestions for how to get started and shares relevant websites and resources. The document’s use is recommended for community benefit professionals, population health leaders, mission leaders, Faith Community Nurse coordinators at health systems and Faith Community Nurses.

CentraCare Health and St. Cloud Hospital Resources

Central Minnesota Parish Nurse Statistics Record Plan

The Central MN Parish Nurse Ministry Committee Strategic Plan on Statistics Record Keeping for Parish Nurses is ready to be put into action, starting May 1, 2016.

Our goal is to increase the understanding of Faith Community Nursing and demonstrate the value of Parish/Faith Community Nursing by tracking hours and duties performed.

Here are the directions and forms for keeping statistics of your work in Parish/Faith Community Nursing.

Stat Sheet Goals (Excel)
Community Nurse Monthly Report (Excel)
Community Nurse Monthly Report Sample (Excel)
Instructions for Completing Monthly Statistics Form (PDF)

Church Safety & Security Conference Handouts

Church Safety & Security - An Increasing Need for Faith Communities
Conference Date: June 5, 2018


Church Safety & Security
Rachel Mockros, MBA

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing - A Framework for Support
Debra Stueve, MBA, BSN, RN NE-BC

Conference Materials:

Action Planning Tool Template (PDF)

Emergency Procedure Template (PDF)

Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis Template (PDF)

Hazard & Vulnerability Assessment Tool (Excel)

Dental Services

Something to Smile About

St. Cloud Technical & Community College Dental Hygiene students provide low-cost preventive dental services to the public.

This includes: professional dental cleaning, fluoride treatment, exam by a dentist, radiographs if needed, cleanings and sealants for children. Cleaning and DDS exam start at $40.00.

No insurance accepted and payment due day of apt. Location: 1245 15th St. N, St. Cloud, MN 56303

Call 320-308-5919 to make an appointment or to request a presentation at your church.

Click here to view a brochure with information. The brochure is tri-fold and may be copied to give to church members or put in pamphlet display area of your church.

Driving Later in Life

A Roadmap for Driving Later in Life

AAA Minnesota/Iowa, the Mobility for Minnesota’s Aging Population (MMAP) and the Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS/OTS) have co-sponsored an aging driver publication to raise awareness and provide resources for aging drivers and their families. Entitled “A Roadmap for Driving Later in Life,” this publication provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities associated with the increase in aging drivers across Minnesota. Share this resource as widely as possible with anyone who personally or professionally would benefit. Limited hard copies available. Send an email.

Faith in Action Service Groups / LSS Neighbor to Neighbor & Community Companion

These groups identify and connect caring people in our communities with older adults and adults with disabilities in need of support to remain in their homes. They are made up of people working closely with clients and their families providing crucial services such as transportation, homemaking, respite, caregiver support and health and education classes.

Fare For All in Central Minnesota

Fare For All uses a cooperative food purchasing model that utilizes volume purchasing power. Fare For All purchases the produce and meat in large quantities at whole sale price. Participants are then able to buy their share of the bulk order for 40 percent savings. With prices ranging from $10-$25 per package, the program has no income requirements or forms to complete. All are welcome to participate. Fare For All accepts cash, credit, debit and EBT cards.

Food distribution is OPEN TO EVERYONE, and they'd love to have as many customers as possible come and get food (which will help them get the word out).

In Central Minnesota, there are four Fare For All sites:

  • St. Cloud: Salem Lutheran Church, 90 Riverside Drive SE
  • St. Joseph: Resurrections Lutheran Church, 610 County Road 2
  • Little Falls: Bethel Lutheran Church, 901 Broadway West
  • Onamia: Onamia Veterans Club, Junction of Hwy 169 & Hwy 27

Visit for times and dates for each site.

Fare For All is also available in Albany, Holdingford, Long Prairie, Melrose and Paynesville as a Preorder/PrePay site. Learn more about the Preorder/Prepay locations and program details.

Fare For All is a United Way initiative.

FCN Documentation Tools

Position Statement on Documentation

Presented at April 2015 Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing Symposium

Download Position Statement (PDF)

Documentation Tools From Advocate Health Care Parish Nurse Ministry

Following are four samples one can use if you do not have a system to document. Permission granted for use without changes by Advocate Health Care Parish Nurse Ministry 2013.

  • If computer document, need back up system; password protected
  • Keep in fire proof locked cabinet; if at church, only nurse should have a key
  • If screening and giving advice, need to document
  • BP screening work sheet; no name, does not have to be locked up; if name, needs to be locked up.

Client/Family Information Form (PDF)

Narrative Sheet for Individual Visit (PDF)

Individual Client Flow Sheet (PDF)

Screening Worksheet (PDF)

Health Committee Resources

Juniper Resources

Visit the from MN Council on Aging.

Website features:

  • Learn more about Juniper Programs, or Find a Class Near You
  • Juniper provides evidence-based health management programs through a large number of regional partnerships across Minnesota. Evidence-based programs are proven to promote health and prevent disease among adults with chronic health conditions.
    • Example: FCN, Marjorie Henkemeyer set up the Diabetes Prevention Program class at St. Joseph Church and all participants lost weight, some were able to lower insulin dose and all lowered risk for diabetes and heart disease.
  • Open site, either select by class you want to attend, such as Diabetes Prevention Program, or zip code to see what classes are available in your area and sign up
  • As FCN’s. take this opportunity to teach your faith community members to use this resource
  • Your faith community can sponsor a class at your church. Contact them.
  • Site also has link to when training is available for you or others in your faith community to sign up to become trained to lead Evidence Based Classes

Additional Resources:

Mental Health Resources

  • NAMI Minnesota
    800 Transfer Road, #31 Saint Paul, MN 55114
    Phone: 651-645-2948, toll free: 1-888-NAMI-Helps (1-888-626-4435) fax: 651-645-7379
  • Make it OK
    About Us “Make It OK” is a campaign to reduce the stigma of mental illnesses.

Other Resources

Government Web sites Age-related Health Web sites
  • Kidshealth
  • Administration on Aging
  • BLEND (Better Living: Exercise and Nutrition Daily), a coalition of medical professional, policy makers, educators, health care advocates and parents committed to improving the health of children the St. Cloud Area by reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity.
  • Search Institute: Discovering what kids need to succeed. Developmental Assets.
Disease-specific Web sites

Pass It On Crosses

Kay Sime, Parish Nurse at Faith Lutheran in Monticello, continues the ministry of Cross necklace making with church members. They stain and varnish crosses and then add wooden, crystal or colored beads - along with a leather necklace. They made 300 to take on her medical mission to Guatemala. They also made to hand out at the Monticello Rock & Roll event. They hand out cross necklaces to people at the race finish line and pray with them if they want.

  • Kay uses these crosses to make beaded necklaces, cost is postage and donation if you want: Pass It On Cross web site:
  • Marjorie Henkemeyer gives in her visits to those from new parents to those of all ages.
  • See the pictures below of Kay Sime and faith community friends making prayer bead necklaces using Pass it on Crosses:
Kay Sime and faith community friends making prayer bead necklaces using Pass it on Crosses.
Kay Sime and faith community friends making prayer bead necklaces using Pass it on Crosses.
Kay Sime and faith community friends making prayer bead necklaces using Pass it on Crosses.

CROSS THE WORLD is a faith-based ministry located in North Central Minnesota. It started up in the spring of 2011 and their mission is to touch as many people's lives with a simple reminder that God is in their corner, no matter what encouragements they may need. Whether they've lost a spouse or child, suffered a financial or job loss, been diagnosed with a physical ailment — whatever is presently tearing at their heart, everyone needs to know that God loves them. Their business-sized crosses snuggle nicely into the palm of a hand, or fit into a pocket or purse, or sit by the kitchen sink — and they remind us that God is with us wherever we are! RELAX IN HIS PRESENCE!

Prayer for Faith Community Nurses

From Prayers for the Soul
by Holly A Barros, RN, BSN, CPN, Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, Foxboro, MA

Dear Lord Jesus,

Send your Holy Spirit into my heart today and hear my prayer for health and healing. Use my hands as if they were yours to touch and help heal others. Use my ears as if they were yours to listen to those in pain, loss, or, indecision. Use my heart as if it was yours to love and accept those that are different from us, lonely, and afraid. Use my arms as if they were yours to embrace those who need reassurance and security. Use my soft voice as if it was yours to pray and provide comfort. Use my gentle spirit as if it was yours to bring your Holy presence into those who need you close. Give me your strength and ability to work through you and give of myself for others in need.


Sample Parish Nurse Budget

View a sample worksheet for a registered professional nurse in the specialty of faith community nursing.

Download Sample Budget (PDF)

Samples From Other Faith Community Nurses



Documentation Forms


Arrowhead Parish Nursing Association Fall Newsletter 2015 (PDF)

Organizational Charts

FCNs can work as a volunteer staff person or a paid staff member. In either status, one of the most important considerations is defining a place on the organizational chart. This detail assures a supervisory and communication structure, both which will enhance the effectiveness of the ministry.

View samples (PDFs)

Stroke Awareness Resources

Faith Community Nurses,

May is Stroke Awareness Month, but it's important to get the word out about strokes year-round.

Stroke Nurse and Faith Community Nurse Angie Moscho, MSN, RN, has put together some information for stroke awareness for you to use at your church in some way. It includes bulletin and other info to use. I know you have to plan with your church for the timing of what you do for these things and may have staff or Health Committee meetings before doing to plan.

Ideas for stroke awareness:

Below are some ideas on how to get the word out about stroke, bulletin examples and additional printable material to share with the parishioners. Let me know at if you have any questions.

  • Creating a health bulletin board.
  • Reinforcing health messages with bulletin inserts.
  • Writing newsletter articles that promote a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • These articles can reinforce health messages delivered in the sermon. Newsletters can reach a bigger audience because they usually go to all church members, not just those who are there on Sunday.
  • Creating support groups. These groups can encourage members who are working to control their blood pressure or who want to quit smoking. Support groups let members share their victories and provide encouragement to those who want to improve their health.

Bulletin Announcements:

A stroke happens when a clot or broken blood vessel blocks blood from flowing to the brain. Brain damage received during a stroke is sometimes reversible, but often can be permanent.

Cardiovascular disease describes all diseases that affect the heart or blood vessels, including heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. There are risk factors for heart and blood vessel disease that cannot be controlled, like age, race and gender. However, there are many factors that can change, like high cholesterol, smoking, exercise, obesity and high blood pressure. Talk with your doctor about your own risk for heart disease, stroke and heart and blood vessel disease.

To help you decide if someone is having a stroke, use FAST:

F – Face. If a person smiles, does one side of their face droop?

A – Arms. When a person raises both arms, does one arm slouch downward?

S – Speech. When a person repeats a simple phrase, is his or her speech slurred?

T – Time. This is critical for treating a stroke. If you see any signs of stroke, call 911 immediately.

Stroke Resources:

Additional Stroke Links:

American Heart Association: Stroke Prevention Resources Stroke Care Web Resources

CDC: Stroke Awareness Month

Suggested Books, Newsletters, Web Sites and Journals

Videos to use in teaching pastors, parishioners and others about FCN

Yammer Platform for FCNs from the Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing.

How to Access Yammer and Why

Have you joined the Westberg Institute Faith Community Nurse Online Communications Platform? Also known as “Yammer” over 1,000 faith community nurses are now connected through this free technology. Once you register, you have over 50 groups to choose from. Denominational groups, state groups, interest groups and local networks are being added as FCNs discover the benefits of being connected.

If you don’t find the group you are looking for; start a group and invite others to join. Groups that begin with “WI” are moderated by Westberg Institute staff. Other groups are moderated independently.

To join Yammer, fill out this online form.

For more information, contact Sherrie Lemons at


Email the St. Cloud Hospital Parish Health Ministries Program.