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Patient Stories

  • Rosie Thell

Patient Stories - Rosie Thell

Rosie ThellPatient satisfaction in the St. Cloud Hospital Bone & Joint Center consistently ranks in the top 10 percent nationally.

Upon waking from having a total knee replacement in November of 2010, Rosie Thell, then age 47, had a smile on her face. “The deep aching pain of many years was gone,” Rosie said. Rosie, a dairy farmer from Freeport, thought that the chronic pain was something she just had to live with. After other methods failed to help ease the pain, Rosie turned to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Schaap. Not only is the nagging pain gone in her left knee, she now is able to spend time outdoors with her two teenage boys.

Rosie credits the great care of her surgeon, nurses and therapists at St. Cloud Hospital Bone & Joint Center for getting her back on her feet doing the things she loves — hunting and fishing.

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