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  • Cliff Teigen

Patient Stories - Cliff TeigenCliff Teigen

Barefoot waterskiier “does it all” after joint replacement

I have always viewed pain as a challenge to conquer. After years of losing range of motion in my hips and knee and experiencing unmanageable pain, I had to accept what the doctors were telling me…I had bad hips and a worn out knee. I was afraid of the restrictions artificial joints might impose on me. Dr. Joe Nessler and his staff worked wonders replacing my hips and knee. To this day, I still find it hard to believe I walked into the hospital in the morning and then walked out the same afternoon with a new replacement hip and have regained full range of motion. We are blessed with today’s medical technology. As an avid barefoot waterskiier — not only was I back on the water barefoot skiing 4 weeks after surgery, but playing tennis and living life the only way I know how — actively.

~ Cliff Teigen, patient

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