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Online Total Joint Replacement Class

Your surgeon at St. Cloud Orthopedics and the Total Joint Program team at St. Cloud Hospital are excited about your interest in the preoperative Online Total Joint Replacement Class.

This class will prepare you for the following:

  • What to expect prior to surgery, during your hospital stay and after discharge
  • Treatments for pain or discomfort that you may experience after surgery
  • Learn how to prevent complications after surgery
  • Role of physical and occupational therapy in your recovery
  • Discharge planning, including equipment you may need

See below for a brief description of what information is provided in each section. Review the information at your own pace.

Each section includes the Total Joint Replacement Class information along with the written information from the Total Joint Replacement Patient Education Binder.

Welcome & Clinic Information

In this section learn about:

  • Skin preparation cleansing showers at home prior to surgery and iron supplementation suggestions.
  • How to organize your appointments and important phone numbers in case you have questions or concerns.
  • Maps and directions of how to get to the St. Cloud Hospital.
  • Common causes for needing a total joint replacement, how long a total joint replacement will last and basic anatomical models of a knee and hip joint.

Table of Contents (PDF)

Welcome (PDF)

Preparing for Surgery

In this section learn about:

  • What you can do in the weeks and days before your surgery. It includes simple things you can do to prepare your home, questions to ask your insurance company and possible equipment that may be needed such as a walker, cane or shower chair.
  • When to complete dental work, preoperative physical for medical clearance and receiving a call from Center for Surgical Care (CSC).
  • What to expect the morning of surgery.

Be sure to report signs or symptoms of cold or infection to your surgeon or primary care physician, we need you healthy for your surgery!

Preparing for Surgery (PDF)

Surgery and My Hospital Stay

In this section learn about:

  • Ways your heath care team works to provide a safe environment and prevent complications associated with surgery such as infections, blood clots and pneumonia.
  • The most common types of anesthesia used for total joint replacements and their side effects.
  • The goals of pain management and drug and non-drug treatments to control pain.
  • How long your hospital stay will be and other options available to assist you in your recovery such as homecare or a rehab facility.
  • The role of physical and occupational therapy.

Surgery (PDF)

Getting Back to My Life

In this section learn about:

  • Mobility activities after surgery like getting in and out of bed, walking and stairs.
  • Care at home with showering, toileting and dressing yourself.
  • Wound care and when to call your surgeon with concerns
  • Protecting your joint from infection.
  • Getting into a car and when you may drive following surgery.
  • Warning signs and symptoms to watch for related to being on a blood thinner.

Getting Back to my Life (PDF)


In this section a physical therapist will review:

  • What exercises you can do prior to surgery to improve the tone and strength of your muscles. This will help you to jumpstart your recovery!
  • Home exercise programs and the benefits of starting now.
  • A resource list of equipment vendors in the St. Cloud area and surrounding communities.

Exercise (PDF)


Education sheets are provided on topics such as:

  • Home medication usage in the hospital
  • Hand hygiene
  • Pain management
  • Preventing falls and safe patient handling
  • Surgical site infection

References (PDF)


Through the total joint replacement journey, a coach provides emotional support and encouragement and serves as an important member of the care team along with physicians, nurses, therapy team and case management staff.

Learn more about how you will help as a coach.

Coach handout (PDF)

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