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Bone & Joint Center

Are years of activity taking a toll on your joints?

You don’t have to live with pain.

St. Cloud Hospital has options to help you do the things you used to without pain and enjoy the rest of your years!

St. Cloud Hospital Bone & Joint Center is a national leader in orthopedic and subspecialty care thanks to a partnership with St. Cloud Orthopedics.

St. Cloud Hospital offers you

  • Better outcomes because of the high number of surgeries performed (more than 1,200 hip and knee replacements annually).
  • Enhanced experience — because of specialty-trained staff including certified nurses, fellowship-trained doctors and dedicated support staff from a multidisciplinary team.
  • Fewer complications — because of advanced surgical technology and quality measures which meet national benchmarks.
  • Nationally recognized care
  • State-of-the-art technology and surgical approaches including minimally invasive procedures such as direct anterior approach for total hip replacement, navigation technology and MAKOplasty®.
  • St. Cloud Hospital was the first hospital in Minnesota to use the Mako Robot for total joint replacements. We started with total hip replacements and partial (uni) knee replacements in April 2016. In December 2016, we began using Mako Robotic technology for total knee replacements. 
  • Comprehensive programs — getting you back to your life and activities sooner through our outpatient (going home the same day of surgery) and rapid recovery (going home the morning after surgery) total joint programs.

Attend a Total Joint Replacement Class

Classes are presented by a staff nurse, physical therapist and case coordinator to prepare patients who will have total joint replacement surgery.

Additional Class Info

Online Total Joint Replacement Class

State-of-the-art operating suites help get you home sooner. Joint replacements for hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, finger, toe and ankle are available.

As appropriate, the surgeons use minimally invasive/muscle sparing and traditional surgical techniques along with the newest and safest prosthetic joints. These joints may last 20 years or more. Minimally invasive surgery uses smaller incisions to spare muscle and other soft tissue, resulting in:

  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced pain after surgery
  • Shorter hospital stays

Most hip and knee replacements performed at St. Cloud Hospital are done using this technique.


MAKO® is a new robotic arm that improves accuracy of joint alignment for better results in knee and hip replacements. It is the latest technology currently available for total joint replacement and can result in a more natural motion following surgery. Patients benefit from:

    • Less pain after surgery
    • Increased range of motion
    • Quicker recovery

To find out more about MAKO® and it might be an option for you, talk to your healthcare provider.


Joint replacement surgery, coupled with the latest techniques and technologies, is what helps make St. Cloud Hospital Bone & Joint Center a national leader in orthopedic care. For example, computer-assisted surgery (navigation) helps the doctor accurately position the new joint in the patient’s body.

Revision Arthroplasty

As younger patients are having joints replaced, it is more common for the prosthetic joint to wear out or cause pain. Revising an original prosthetic joint is called a revision arthroplasty and calls for a skilled and experienced surgeon. The surgeons from St. Cloud Orthopedics are experts in this procedure and often see referrals from other health providers and medical centers throughout the region when this is needed.

Read what other patients have to say.

Patient Instructions

Learn about rehabilitation services at St. Cloud Hospital.

Take a Photo Tour of the Bone & Joint Center

  • Physical therapy (PT) gym - Most patients will visit the PT gym daily for individual therapy. In the gym, PTs and PTAs assist patients with strengthening exercises, stairs and walking to prepare for discharge.
  • Physical therapy (PT) gym
  • Patient room - All rooms (29) on the unit are private, many with a panoramic view of the Mississippi river. Amenities include a spacious room with a private bathroom and shower, phone, television, wireless internet and most provide a sofa sleeper for family members. A bedside computer helps nurses and doctors access the patient’s electronic medical record to ensure continuity of care and patient safety. Cell phones are permitted. Families are allowed visit their loved one 24-hours a day.
  • Family lounge - The unit has two family lounges which are available to patients and their families to provide a place to gather. A computer with internet is available as well as refreshments, comfortable seating and a television. The larger family lounge has an impressive view of the Mississippi River.
  • The St. Cloud Hospital Bone & Joint Center helps patients recover after orthopedic surgery or injury. A state-of-the-art facility ensures patient safety and high-quality, compassionate care.

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