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Medical Alert Service Frequently Asked Questions

Review answers to some common questions below about CentraCare Health Medical Alert Service.

Q. Who can subscribe to Medical Alert Service?

A. Anyone is eligible to use service. You do not need a physician’s order to subscribe.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Costs vary depending on the piece of equipment and features you choose. Fees start at about $1/day. With each new account, there is a onetime registration fee. There is no charge to switch to a different piece of equipment and we do not charge a termination fee. Please contact our offices for further detail.

Q. Do you have special offers or promotions?

A. Throughout the year we do have special offers and promotions. Call us at 320-255-5700 or 800-835-6652 ext. 55700 to learn more.

Q. If I press my Medical Alert Service button, will the ambulance be sent automatically?

A. No. First our staff talks to you through a two-way speaker to determine the proper action. If emergency services are needed, they will be dispatched right away. If it is not an emergency, but assistance is still needed, we will contact your designated personal responders (family member, neighbor, friend, etc.) to come and assist you.

Q. What if I push my button and can’t communicate with the operator?

A. Prior to installing equipment, we work together with you to establish a protocol of whom to contact and in what order. If we receive a signal from your button, but you do not answer, we will immediately begin following your unique protocol.

Q. What if I activate my help button by mistake?

A. This occasionally happens. When our operator talks to you over the two-way speaker, simply tell them you accidentally bumped your help button.

Q. Can the button be used outside my home?

A. We offer several different options of emergency response systems. Some are “home-based” or used primarily in the home. We also offer mobile systems which operate off of cellular networks and have the capability of working throughout the United States.

Q. Do you have fall detection buttons?

A. Yes, we do. View our medical alert service products page and review the iVi Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection and Mobile-Mate system.

Q. Can I wear the button around my neck?

A. Our buttons can be worn in several different ways. With our “home-based” systems, buttons can be worn on a neck cord, wristband or belt clip. With our mobile systems, buttons can be worn on a neck cord or belt clip. Due to the nature of how they work, fall detection buttons can only be worn on a neck cord.

Q. Where are the help calls monitored?

A. Trained personnel answer calls 24 hours a day at two main US-based Emergency Response Centers located in Rhode Island and New York.

Q. How does a medication dispenser work?

A. At set times during the day, our medication dispenser will remind you to take your pills. The reminder can be both audible and visual, consisting of a loud beep and flashing light. To stop the alarm and remove the pills, just tip the device. Take your pills as instructed by your physician.

Q. How many cells are in a medication dispenser tray?

A. Our medication dispenser has 29 cells.

Q. What is the length of the audible alarm on a medication dispenser?

A. The audible alarm will sound for 90 minutes to remind you to dispense your pills. The light will continue to flash until the pills are dispensed.

Q. Who fills the medication dispenser tray?

A. Medication dispenser trays can be loaded by the user, a caregiver or licensed healthcare professional. Medical Alert Service will not handle any medications.

Q. Are pills secure?

A. Yes. Our medication dispenser can be locked to safeguard your medications. If the device is locked and a dose is missed, the tray will advance and you will not be able to retrieve those pills.

Q. Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

A. No. We offer our service on a month-to-month basis. You may start and end service whenever needed.

Q. How is equipment installed?

A. In most instances, we are able to send a trained installer to your home to set up equipment. Typically, equipment can be installed within 3-5 days upon completing an intake. If equipment does need to be mailed for a self-installation, a toll free 24-hour phone number is provided. When ready to install, we will walk through the process step-by-step together with you.

Q. I don’t live in St. Cloud, can I still get service?

A. Yes. While based in St. Cloud, CentraCare Health Medical Alert Service provides personal emergency response systems and medication dispensers across 23 counties of Central Minnesota.

Q. How do I get more information about the program and how do I subscribe?

A. Call CentraCare Health Medical Alert Service at 320-255-5700 or 800-835-6652, Ext. 55700 for more information or to begin service. You may also complete our online form.

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