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Patient Instructions

  • Dialysis Catheter Removal

Patient Instructions - Dialysis Catheter Removal

You have had your dialysis catheter removed today. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Go home and rest quietly for the remainder of the day. Be sure to keep your head elevated above the level of your heart while resting. Do not lay flat for the next 3 hours.

  • Keep the bandage on the site for one day and then replace with a water-proof band-aid. Keep the site clean and dry until it is healed over. It is okay to shower with your bandage on.

  • If there are signs of bleeding, hold pressure above the collarbone on that side.

  • Notify your doctor of any signs of an infection at the site such as redness, swelling, drainage or fever.

Providing safe, quality patient care is our highest priority. To help ensure quality and safety, we ask that you do not bring young children with you to your appointments, as children are not allowed to accompany you during Imaging procedures. Staff is unable to monitor your child in your absence.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your provider. 

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