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Bob Walter

Cardiac Rehab puts heart patient on road to good health

Bob Walter is never happier than when he's cooking nutritious meals and trying new recipes.Every weekday around 6:30 a.m., you will find Bob Walter, 62, working out in the cardiac rehab gym at CentraCare Heart & Vascular Center in St. Cloud. This is part of his new lifestyle since his triple bypass heart surgery in November 2012.

“They started cardiac rehab while I was still a patient in the hospital,” he said. “The cardiac rehab staff came to my room every day; they got me moving.”

After being discharged from the hospital, the St. Cloud man continued rehab. “The dietitians taught me about nutrition and reading labels,” he said. “I had always enjoyed grocery shopping; now I enjoy it even more. My wife and I used to go together on Saturdays; she won’t go with me anymore because I take so long reading labels.”

Bob also discovered cooking and is now the “chef de cuisine” at home. “I like finding healthy recipes and trying them out,” he said. “The dietitians gave me wonderful recipes to try and a lot of resources to use to find healthy recipes.”

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Cardiac rehab also helped get Bob in shape. “I go to the cardiac rehab gym every weekday morning before work,” he said. “I rarely skip a day, and if I do, I really miss it. The staff are wonderful. They accept me at my level of fitness and design my workouts accordingly. They use gentle persuasion, humor and guidance to keep me motivated. I look forward to working with them every day.”

Cardiac rehab also helps Bob recover from the hip surgery he had three weeks before his heart surgery. “I decided to continue with the program because it fulfills all my needs,” he said. “And to top it off, since my heart surgery, I have lost more than 30 pounds.”

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