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Guide for Survivors

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You may now be experiencing a renewed sense of energy. You may feel more relaxed and at ease with remembering your loved one. It is probably easier to recall your loved one without the intense feelings of pain you once felt. Now you can accept social invitations and the companionship of others. It may still feel a little strange, but you can manage.

Old patterns are beginning again to be a part of your life. Your appetite is back, and it is easier to sleep. You are probably finding it possible to make plans for the future. You may find that your sense of humor has returned and, even though you may have low points, they aren’t as long as or as low as they used to be. You have come through a difficult yet significant part of the grieving process. Though you may still have some rough spots, you can sense for yourself the progress and growth that is yours. It is OK to have good feelings – to enjoy life. What you have experienced in the last year, and are experiencing now, are a natural part of the process – the self-healing process – of grief.

St. Cloud Hospital Bereavement Line

Call the "Bereavement Line" at any time to leave a message, and you will be contacted by our Spiritual Care staff. This line is not for an emergency. If you feel your grief is overwhelming, call your provider, or seek help through the St. Cloud Hospital emergency room.


1406 Sixth Avenue North
St. Cloud, MN 56303