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Grief & Bereavement Services

Losing someone you love or something that is meaningful is very painful. After experiencing a significant loss, people have all kinds of difficult feelings such as shock, anger, guilt, and overwhelming sadness. The feelings associated with loss may be scary and overwhelming, but they are normal reactions to loss and are part of the grief process.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are healthy ways to cope with the changes and feelings that occur after a loss. Grief is part of the healing process and after time can strengthen and enrich life.

These services and resources are intended to be a source of support for those experiencing a loss and for those who want to help someone who has experienced a loss. Our hope is that our Grief & Bereavement Services will be a source of support as you move on the journey toward healing.

St. Cloud Hospital Bereavement Line

Call the "Bereavement Line" at any time to leave a message, and you will be contacted by our Spiritual Care staff. This line is not for an emergency. If you feel your grief is overwhelming, call your provider, or seek help through the St. Cloud Hospital emergency room.


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