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Steve Wischmann

Life after loss

Steve WischmannAfter the loss of his dad and twin sister, Steve Wischmann, lost some of his zest for life. He had diminished energy, was fatigued, thirsty and experiencing weight loss. He went to his doctor and discovered he had Type 2 diabetes with blood sugar levels over 600. Any higher and he could slip into a diabetic coma, and possibly die.

Steve immediately was admitted to St. Cloud Hospital where he was stabilized and put on insulin. “I hadn’t been taking care of myself. I wasn’t eating right or exercising due to my grieving and losses,” he said. “At age 53, I knew I did not want to be insulin-dependent forever. I got connected with CentraCare Diabetes Center and they taught me everything — from counting carbs to proper exercise, to diet and a healthy new routine. I lost over 100 pounds and I am now completely off all diabetic medications and insulin.”

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After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Steve faced the possibility of not being able to continue one of his favorite activities. With guidance and great deal of personal motivation, he's helped make some major health changes in his life.  

“The support at CentraCare Diabetes Center was very comprehensive,” Steve said. “I was able to talk to all the right people to get me on track. They answered all of my questions and provided me with all of the resources that I needed.” 

After being taught how to manage his diabetes, Steve has his energy back, a whole new wardrobe and most importantly, is feeling happy and healthy again. Sticking to his regimen of a healthy diet and exercise routine is keeping his diabetes under control. After sharing that his parents had Type 2 diabetes, Steve commented, “Overall health management has been on my radar for a few years, especially since my dad and sister battled their health issues. Watching my parents manage diabetes with lifestyle changes and medication certainly helped me understand how to control my situation and become insulin free.”

Steve’s goals are to maintain his weight and remain healthy and active. “You have to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally,” he said. “Health is more than just eating right, it’s taking the right approach, living a positive lifestyle and being happy.”

Now that Steve has his energy back, he plans on enjoying his favorite hobbies this summer which include golf, traveling and putting his pilot’s license to use.

Providing a Full Range of Diabetes Care

Through education, leadership, health promotion and preventative services, CentraCare Health helps you manage your diabetes so you can maintain the best possible health and quality of life. 

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