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Infant & Child Development Clinic – St. Cloud Hospital

Who can you talk to regarding growth and development concerns for your child?

Talk to your provider or call 320-255-5781.

Our Infant & Child Development Clinic monitors the growth and development of NICU graduates and children with developmental concerns.

Why choose St. Cloud Hospital for your child’s care?

Regular appointments. If your child needs special care, it is best to stay on top of possible problems. For this reason we usually see children at six months, 12 months, 24 months and 4 years of age. We may want to plan other visits based on your child’s needs. These clinic visits should not replace visits to your child’s primary care doctor.

Team of experts. At each visit, your child will see a dietitian, a developmental specialist and a neonatologist.

Plan of care. After your visit, the neonatologist will discuss your child’s progress with you. If there are areas of concern, you and the team will develop a plan to further assess and treat your child. If needed, the neonatologist will make a referral to a specialist or agency. A few weeks after your visit, you and your primary care doctor will get a letter that sums up your child’s progress and gives ideas for further action.

How much does this program cost?

We will send your bill to your health plan. Please check your health plan about covered services.

How can you prepare for your appointment?

  • See a map and parking information for the CentraCare Health Plaza.
  • Please check in at Registration in the Woodlands entrance.
  • Appointments take 2-2½  hours in general, but it depends on your child’s needs.
  • You may bring comfort items from home for your child, such as a blanket, teddy bear or pacifier.
  • Talk to your health plan about covered services before your appointment.