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Child Life Services – St. Cloud Hospital

If your child would benefit from the services of a child life specialist, talk to your child’s provider or nurse.

Being in the hospital or other health care settings can be hard for children. Child life specialists are available to help patients, siblings and other family members:

  • Cope with the stress of a hospital stay
  • Have a positive health care experience
  • Understand and explore the health care setting

Child life specialists are trained in child development and are certified by the National Child Life Council. They can give children and families a variety of resources.

Pediatric patient

Gifts for children

Support from the community helps to provide new toys, crafts and items for children. Make a gift.

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Family support services. Age-appropriate activities, information about child development and ideas to ease the transition from hospital to home

Coping and procedural support.Items for play and distraction such as bubbles, books and video games

Procedural and pre-operative teaching. Explanation of procedures and treatment based on a child’s developmental level

Visit preparation. Tips to prepare young visitors for the unfamiliar sights and sounds of a hospital, reducing anxiety and offering a safe setting for questions

Medical play. Medical equipment for children to touch and play with to give them a sense of control over their environment.

Request the services of child life specialist from your child’s doctor or nurse. For more information about child life services email

Watch to Learn More About Our Child Life Specialists

View the following interview with Stephanie McNaughton, one of the Certified Child Life Specialists at CentraCare Health