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  • Prostate Cancer - Richard Kierzek

Richard Kierzek

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Richard KierzekAfter enjoying an abundant life filled with all of his favorite things from fishing and golf, to shooting pool every week, Richard Kierzek, age 81, from Sauk Rapids, had to readjust. Rich went from leading a busy lifestyle to having prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels as high as 78 and dealing with prostate cancer. Over time the cancer spread to his bones and spine causing an extreme amount of pain, no longer allowing him to walk on his own.

Fortunately, with radiation and chemotherapy treatment to shrink the tumors, alongside physical therapy, Rich’s pain levels have nearly subsided and his PSA levels have decreased down into the 20’s. Even though much of the physical pain is gone, the mental pain from adjusting to a whole new lifestyle of dependence, confinement and lack of mobility has been the most challenging for Rich.

This past Christmas when his spirits were low, his daughter handed him one last wrapped package. Inside was a playful little kitten that the family named “Kemo”. With the help of his supportive family, faith and his new four-legged friend, Rich was able to climb out of his depression and laugh again. Kemo has been the best distraction and therapy, transforming Rich’s mood and helping alleviate pain.

“It’s true what they say . . . laughter IS the best medicine,” said Rich.

From the warm and welcoming greeter, to the schedulers and doctors, Rich’s experience with Coborn Cancer Center fell nothing short of great. “Every morning I arrived, Matthew was out with the wheelchair ready to load me up. The schedulers and my doctors were all so nice, helpful and friendly,” he said.  Rich is looking forward to visiting the new Coborn Healing Center and checking out the services they have to offer for managing symptoms and staying comfortable. His one piece of advice he shared, “Make sure you get your PSA levels checked. I had no symptoms. If I wouldn’t have had the PSA level test at my annual physical, they would’ve never caught it.”

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