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  • Ovarian Cancer - Kirsten

Ovarian Cancer - Kirsten

photo of Kirsten

Life hits high note after cancer experience.

Kirsten Hoese had a love for music during her teen and college years — but never had the time to pursue it. Life got busy with work, raising a family and then helping care for her grandson, Brock. So, ovarian cancer came as a startling diagnosis when she was 62. “It hit me hard — it just came out of the blue,” she said. “At first I was scared. I didn’t think I’d make it a year.”

Thankfully for Kirsten, Coborn Cancer Center offered intraperitoneal chemotherapy*, for which she was a perfect candidate. She credits her recovery to staying busy, reading, exercising, a healthy diet and caring for her grandson. “I wanted to be there for him,” she said.

After facing the music with cancer, today, Kirsten has struck a chord with her passion. She started taking voice lessons and enjoys her time with Brock. “I appreciate it all so much have to make the most of every day!”


*Intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy is a widely used treatment for ovarian cancer. It delivers anti-cancer drugs directly into the abdomen through a tube in a more targeted approach than traditional chemotherapy. The treatment requires the expertise of a handful of various specialties. There are a relatively small number of ovarian cancer patients in our area, however, given the diverse medical specialties in the community and our commitment to offering cutting-edge treatments, we are able to offer IP chemotherapy to those who are candidates.



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