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Wyatt Levin

Levin FamilyWhen Aaron and Jill Levin first discovered they were pregnant with twins, it was a pure moment of joy as years before they were told she could not get pregnant. The pregnancy was difficult including bouts of bleeding that led to nearly weekly trips to the emergency room and then bed rest at just 12 weeks into the pregnancy. The twins, Noah and Sophia, were born just short of 24 weeks, each weighing a little over one pound. Due to complications from the early delivery, Aaron and Jill lost both Sophia and Noah within 48 hours. They left the hospital not knowing if they would ever be parents.

Throughout the painful and difficult days that followed, Aaron and Jill experienced tremendous compassion and encouragement from the St. Cloud Hospital Women and Children’s Center staff. 

“They helped us believe that we could try again, that the situation with the twins was unique and that we could have a different outcome,” Jill said.

Found Out They Were Pregnant Again

Months later, they found out they were pregnant again. “We are extremely grateful for the specialized knowledge of the Women & Children’s Center staff,” Aaron said. “We were continually reassured and experienced enormous support throughout the entire second pregnancy.” Wyatt was born seven and a half weeks early weighing five pounds. After spending several weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Aaron and Jill brought home their baby boy.

Silver Lining

“I don’t believe we’d have the beautiful son that we do if it wasn’t for the care we received at St. Cloud Hospital,” Jill said. The care they received, the twins and the celebration of Wyatt’s birth, inspired Aaron and Jill to help with the St. Cloud Hospital expansion project. “Giving to the hospital helped provide a sense of peace and purpose,” Jill said. “It is a silver lining that came out of the pain we experienced with the loss of the twins and the joy and happy ending we now have with Wyatt.”

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