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  • Tis The Season (For Babies)

Tis The Season (For Babies)

Cousins Born On The Same Day

Johnny & Jules

Johnny James & Jules JoLee

Around Christmas time last year, two grandparents, James and Kelly, found out they would be receiving more gifts come August. Those gifts were three new grandchildren from three different children.

Mandy, Katie and Kaitlyn were all pregnant – a surprising coincidence; not something they had planned.

Mandy is the daughter to Kelly and James is her stepdad. Katie is married to Mandy's younger brother, also named James. They have been sister-in-law’s and close friends for a while. Kaitlyn is Mandy and James' stepsister.

All three women already have daughters who are just three months apart, so they could not believe they were expected to deliver in the same month this time around.

Mandy and Katie were both scheduled for C-sections during the same week in August, but they never planned to have them at the same hospital. Katie was originally due to have her baby in Litchfield; however, during an ultrasound in the middle of June, it was discovered that her baby girl had a heart defect. Katie was referred to St. Cloud Hospital to deliver in case there were any complications. Her C-section was scheduled on the same day as Mandy's, who also was delivering at St. Cloud Hospital. The date of the C-section also happened to be the birthday of Mandy's father-in-law, John.

On August 25, Mandy and Katie went to the hospital for their C-sections. They were happy to have their family together during the deliveries. On top of the excitement of two more babies entering the family, Kaitlyn had delivered her baby a couple of days earlier.

Mandy had her son, Johnny James, at around 9 a.m. He was named after his Grandpa John, his great-grandpa Johnny James and Mandy's stepdad!

Katie delivered her daughter, Jules JoLee, around 11 a.m. Due to Jules' heart defect, she ended up going to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately. This was tough for Katie and her husband, but having family around for extra support was comforting. Katie and Mandy even saw each other in the recovery room between C-sections and exchanged excited words.

Katie especially appreciated the staff in the Family Birthing Center and specifically stated that her nurse, Ashley, was the best. "She comforted me when I needed it. I had so many emotions regarding Jules' heart and Ashley was there when I really needed expert advice and reassurance. I'll never forget it!"

Jules only had to stay in the NICU for one day before she was brought to Katie's room. She is doing well, showing no complications from her heart defect and will have surgery to repair her heart in February.

Mandy and Katie both enjoyed their experience at the St. Cloud Hospital Family Birthing Center and were happy to go through it together. Both families are staying busy with young kids running around. Katie and James have three children; Mandy and her husband Brian have five.

Their children will be spending a lot of time together growing up, and they look forward to a busy weekend in August when the family celebrates the first birthdays of all three babies!

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