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CentraCare Health Birthing Services

As you prepare for pregnancy and a new baby, we know this is an exciting time for you. That’s why CentraCare Health offers varied services for the modern mom, tailored to fit your style and personality. With providers and sites throughout Minnesota, you can personalize your care to fit your needs.

Our interactive programs allow you to connect with CentraCare at a time and place convenient for you. Whether it’s eating right or staying fit during pregnancy or starting new family traditions or sharing baby’s milestones, take advantage of our social sites, e-newsletters and other resources so you can enjoy this stage in life to the fullest! Why choose us?

Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy PrepWhen daydreaming about sweet smiles and silky skin, it’s easy to forget parenthood is a big step. You’ll want to plan ahead to make sure you are physically, emotionally and mentally ready.

For those having trouble conceiving, our Reproductive Medicine program offers hope. Take the first step and come to one of our free reproductive seminars that cover common fertility problems and lifestyle changes that can positively affect fertility. A Genetic Counseling program can provide insight on the chances of having a child with a genetic condition.

Provider Options

Range of ProvidersYour choice of provider will determine where you deliver your baby. Our board-certified obstetricians are experienced in both low and high-risk pregnancies. Some family medicine doctors provide pre-birth care and/or deliver babies in addition to the practice of general medicine, allowing your family to build a long-term relationship with your doctor. Long Prairie has a rich history of midwife care since 1971, and Monticello is proud to introduce midwife services to the community. Midwives are available for pre and post delivery care and assist with labor and delivery. Doulas are welcome at all our birthing centers.

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Numerous Locations

Numerous LocationsAs you think about a provider, discover the benefits of each CentraCare birth center. Are you looking for one with a more relaxed pace, one with midwife care or one near a level III neonatal intensive care unit? Read about each site or call us for a tour:

*Receive prenatal care in Albany and have your baby in St. Cloud.

Preferences for Birth

Birth by DesignWe want you to have a birth experience meaningful to you personally. For this reason, we encourage you to fill out a Preferences for Your Birth Experience form (PDF) and bring it with you at the time of birth.

Knowledge is power and our education fits every lifestyle. Whether you favor weekday or weekend classes, or would rather watch one of our childbirth education videos at home, we have you covered. Some programs are offered in Spanish and Somali. Other classes are tailored to grandparents, siblings and those planning to adopt.

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Natural Approach

A Natural ApproachHaving a baby is a beautiful, natural life event. For this reason, CentraCare strives to keep your moment as intimate as possible, a special time for bonding as a family. We encourage skin-to-skin care after delivery and even in the operating room following a Cesarean birth. In Monticello, a family-centered Cesarean involves a clear drape and camera that allows a mother and her partner to see the birth of their baby. We aim to follow baby-friendly guidelines, making every effort to keep mothers and babies together after birth.

At the birthing center in St. Cloud, you can take advantage of aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, massage and healing touch. In Long Prairie, you can opt for a water birth and obtain instruction on baby massage. Monticello offers aromatherapy and MyoCare, a complimentary massage for new moms or couples. MyoCare has been proven to decrease pain and swelling, stimulate milk production and relax mother. Physical therapy also can address pre- and post-pregnancy pain (in neck, shoulders, back, hips, etc.).

Specialized Care

Specialized CareIf you feel you may need advanced care, know that we are experts in high-risk pregnancies and premature births. A high-risk pregnancy clinic provides screening and consultation. Our level III neonatal intensive care unit cares for the tiniest and sickest of infants in a highly specialized, yet family-friendly setting.

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding SupportA learned art between mother and baby, breastfeeding is both natural and healthy. CentraCare Health supports breastfeeding through classes, support groups and lactation consultants or counselors available by phone and in person. Your provider also can answer breastfeeding questions.

Why Breastfeed?

Resources for Breastfeeding & Pumps (PDF)

Parenting Resources

You may wonder about normal growth and development for your baby. As your child grows, our providers can partner with you on his or her care. You will want to choose a provider that’s a good match to your parenting style. Options range from board certified pediatricians and family medicine doctors to advanced practice practitioners. Most of your child’s care can be provided at CentraCare Health sites for your convenience.

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Milk Depot at St. Cloud Hospital

St. Cloud Hospital has a milk depot to ensure that medically vulnerable babies have access to safely pasteurized human donor milk when a mother’s own milk is unavailable or in low supply. A milk depot is a place where women can bring extra milk to donate to other babies. The milk is then transported to the milk bank where it is pasteurized, tested for bacteria, frozen, stored and shipped to health care facilities in need.

Before milk is accepted, every donating mother is carefully screened by a phone interview, written application and blood test. To become a milk donor, contact the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies at 763-546-8051. After passing the screening process, make an appointment to drop off your donations at St. Cloud Hospital by calling 320-251-2700, ext. 51990.