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Journey Home

Journey Home
1485 10th Avenue Northeast
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

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Journey Home is a residential facility providing primary chemical dependency programming and housing for chemically dependent women and their children. It is a structured, recovery-focused setting for women ages 16 and older who are referred to us after the completion of primary chemical dependency treatment. 

The staff at Journey Home provide individual and group counseling in addition to 24-hour supervision of clients. Clients are encouraged to work with each other to create a sober, supportive environment for themselves and their children.

Women attend structured programs covering such topics as parenting skills, spirituality, relapse prevention, relationships, self-esteem and mental illness/chemical dependency education. Employment, money management and housing are also included in each client's assessment treatment plan. In addition to these programs, Journey Home is also sensitive to the multicultural needs of women and children who reside with us. Ethnic-specific parenting support and resources are currently available for Native Americans and African Americans and are added as the need arises.

Take a Photo Tour of Journey Home

  • Front reception desk
  • Foyer complete with homey gas fireplace
  • Children's area near reception
  • Dining room where residents eat three meals a day
  • Fitness Center
  • Residents' rooms have a private bathroom with a shower and are fully furnished.
  • Resident kitchen and dining area where women can make a snack or socialize
  • Fenced-in playground
  • Toddler playground area
  • A Native American sweat lodge, located on the premises, hosts one or two “sweats” each month. A shorter sweat (“one door”) is available for children to experience this traditional purification ceremony.
  • Sweat lodge and fire pit for heating stones used in the purification ceremony
  • Group Room
  • Group Room