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  • Celebrate a Healthier You During National Nutrition Month

Published on March 05, 2019

Celebrate a Healthier You During National Nutrition Month

Anna Reinking, RD, LD, Outpatient Dietitian & Diabetes Educator at CentraCare Health - Monticello

March is National Nutrition Month which provides us with a great opportunity to take time to think about making healthy food choices and focus on why the food we put in our bodies has such a significant impact on our overall health.

As a Registered Dietitian, I am committed to helping people learn about nutrition’s role in everyday life. Eating poorly has negative implications for our wellness, while making healthy choices every day significantly impacts our quality of life in a positive way. Think about when you have felt sluggish or not focused at work. What did you eat that day? Now think about how you have felt when you have eaten well. Did you have more energy? Did you feel proud for making a choice that was good for your health? Making smart food choices not only impacts our physical health but also supports our mental well-being.

As the philosopher Hippocrates once said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It is easy to forget, with our hectic schedules, the important role good nutrition plays in helping us feel well. Use National Nutrition Month as an opportunity to celebrate a healthier you while looking at how you can make eating healthy a part of your life throughout the year. Here are some simple tips to help you eat healthy every day:

Think of the food groups when meal planning and consider preparing meals that incorporate a variety of healthy foods from those food groups. A salad with spinach, blueberries, chicken, walnuts and feta cheese crumbles is a great way to incorporate food groups into a healthy and satisfying meal.

Select healthier options when eating away from home. Choose the veggie or turkey burger without the bun and substitute fresh fruit or a side of vegetables for french fries.

Be mindful of portion sizes. Today, the servings we receive at restaurants are often twice the size of a recommended portion.

Keep it simple. Eating right does not have to be complicated. A simple turkey wrap with carrot sticks is quick to make and better for your health than a run to a fast food restaurant.

Organize your refrigerator with ingredients for simple, on-the-go food. Have a drawer for apples, cuties, and other grab-and-go fruits. Prepare wraps ahead of time and have them ready to go in a tupperware container.

Work with a registered dietitian or wellness coach to set goals and help you stay accountable as you work towards a healthier you!

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