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  • Ask the Provider - July 2018

Ask the Provider

Jessica Borgstrom, Certified Nurse Midwife

Stellis Health – Monticello Clinic

Preparing For Your New Baby

Question: As I prepare to welcome my new baby, I have been inundated and overwhelmed with information about what I need to do to make sure I am ready for the big day. What are your top ten tips that can help me feel best prepared and allow me to relax and enjoy the addition of my new family member?

Answer: Today, the internet provides us with a lot of good information about child birth preparation but there is also a lot online that can cause us to worry, second guess ourselves and take out the joy of preparing for baby’s arrival. I always tell women to plan ahead but do not get lost in the little details along the way and miss the joy of your baby’s arrival. Here are ten simple tips that will help you get ready for baby and leave you feeling prepared and relaxed for your special day:

  • Attend child birth classes. Child birth classes provide a great opportunity for you to learn more about what to expect during your delivery and also have your questions answered in a supportive environment. Learn more about CentraCare Health – Monticello’s child birth classes.
  • Think about the birth you want. Do you want to have a natural delivery, use specific breathing techniques or learn more about alternatives for pain? Talk with your provider and create a plan so that you, your family and your birth center care team are on the same page when you are ready to deliver.
  • Involve your significant other or birth support person in the preparation process. Having your support person involved every step of the way can help keep you relaxed so you can concentrate on what is most important, welcoming your new baby.
  • Prepare post-partum self-care items like cold packs, often called padsicles, which can be found online, a special water bottle to remind you to stay hydrated, and relaxation items such as a sleep mask or body pillow to help you better prepare for more restful sleep.
  • Come to each prenatal appointment with questions you have about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This will help you feel more prepared when you are in labor.
  • Have an open mind about your labor and delivery. Each birth experience is unique. While your friends may have good advice, their labor and delivery will not be the same as your birthing journey.
  • Pack your hospital bag and have it by the door by your 36-week mark. You never know when you will go into labor. Also, have the car seat installed by this time as well.
  • Remember music can be relaxing and also help enhance your birth experience. Make two to three different playlists that you can play during labor as you never know what mood you will be in when the big day arrives.
  • Don’t forget snacks and drinks for dad or your support person! They need their strength as well to provide adequate support throughout your delivery.
  • Take a deep breath. This is a day you will want to cherish and remember.

Learn more about Birth Center care at CentraCare Health – Monticello.

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