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  • Ask the Doctor - February 2019

Ask the Doctor

Troy Payne, MD

Sleep Medicine

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Helping Your Teen Sleep Well

Question: I am worried my teen is not getting a good night’s sleep. What are some tips I can share with her to help her get the sleep she needs to feel well and energized throughout the day?

Answer: Most teens need about nine hours of sleep nightly. If they do not get this amount of sleep it can lead to them sleeping late on weekends, making going to bed at a decent time on Sunday difficult and starting the cycle over. Sleep is important to help teens perform well in school, in activities and at work. It also supports them in handling stressful situations and in navigating social situations. To help your teen get the sleep they need, try the following tips:

·        Do not sleep in more than an hour later than usual on weekends.

·        Incorporate thirty minutes to one hour of relaxing down time each evening before bedtime. This can help clear the mind and support better sleep.  Consider playing soft music or reading a book.  Avoid video games, cell phones, laptop computers or anything that has a screen during this time as these things fake the brain into thinking it is daytime and can keep one awake later. 

·        Have a quiet, mostly dark bedroom that is 65-75 degrees.  Loud noise prevents and disturbs sleep.  It is hard to sleep if it is too hot or too cold or if there is a bright light in the room.

·        Turn the clock around so you cannot see the time.  Avoid clock watching which can lead to insomnia.

·        Incorporating a half an hour of aerobic excise three times a week not only helps your heart, lungs and weight, it can also improve overall sleep.

·        Eat healthy throughout the day, especially if involved with physical activities. Going to bed hungry can lead to an unrestful sleep.

·       Avoid caffeine after breakfast. Drinks such as coffee, energy drinks and soda contain caffeine that can cause insomnia. 


Because sleep is so important to the overall health of your teen, be sure to consult your primary care provider if your teen struggles with persistent sleep issues. Further examination, including a sleep study, could help your teen get the sleep they need.

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