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  • Stories of Impact

Stories of Impact

More than $930,000 was given by CentraCare Health employees to enhance programs and services through the 2015 Employee Campaign.

Clara’s House Continuing Care Program

Our employees made it possible for 12 families to learn additional skills to adjust to their new life after Clara’s House through a Continuing Care Pilot Program (fall 2015). Adjustments and improvements based on the pilot will roll out this summer. More than $204,000 was raised for the Clara’s House Continuing Care Program.

Gorecki Guest House

Gorecki Guest HouseThe new Gorecki (Go ret’ ski) Guest House Family Addition opened on Nov. 1, 2015. The expansion from 12 to 28 guest rooms was made possible by a generous gift from Benedict and Dorothy Gorecki in honor of their family.

In 2015, we received another wonderful gift. Gorecki Guest House was a priority of the 2015 CentraCare Employee Campaign. Through your generosity (the generosity of hundreds of employees) more than $210,000 was raised to support patient families. The guest house operates solely on room fees and philanthropy. Your gift to the Gorecki Guest House Endowment Fund helps support all families who stay here and provides direct financial assistance to those who cannot afford our $45 room fee.

Jackie, a guest from Madison, wrote that the Gorecki Guest House is a “very wonderful place with helpful people during a stressful time. So glad you have added on — nice, clean, homey place to come to after a long day at the hospital. Keep up the great work! You are very much appreciated! Thank you.”

We are very pleased that we are now able to offer many more families the opportunity to stay at the guest house and we appreciate your financial support and your referrals to the guest house. With the expansion it is more important than ever that we share the good news that CentraCare Health has a guest house to offer patient families who are coming to St. Cloud for medical care. Guests share that “this is an excellent place to stay and so close to the hospital.” Willard and Delores from Cosmos continue, “We will recommend it to everyone.”

As employees of CentraCare Health we can be proud that this wonderful guest house is available to share with people in the communities that we are a part of. Gorecki Guest House is a special gift we offer to patient families. We are grateful for your ongoing support.

CentraCare Health – Long Prairie Nursing Home Patio

Millie G.As a result of the generosity of CentraCare Health employees and other Long Prairie-specific fundraising efforts, more than $34,000 was raised to renovate outdoor patio space for residents of CentraCare Health – Long Prairie Nursing Home!

The money raised allows residents to have a space where they can socialize with one another, relax, read, or visit with family improves the residents’ quality of life. Your gift allows each resident to enjoy the outdoors and make the best use of nice weather, helping them to create joyful memories that may not exist without your generosity and support!

Resident Millie G. has enjoyed all that the patio has to offer. “I come here to read a lot, and it is also a wonderful place to visit with my daughter. I especially like it in the porch in the evening, when the air cools and breezes refresh.”

CentraCare Health – Monticello Project H.E.A.L.

Project H.E.A.L. MonticelloThanks to the generosity of CentraCare Health employees in Monticello, $8,400 was raised to support Project H.E.A.L. during the 2015 CentraCare Health Employee Campaign.

Project H.E.A.L.’s mission is to help overcome barriers to health care for the under-served population of Central Minnesota. These barriers may include transportation, inadequate or lack of insurance, financial resources for co-payments and medications, treatment plan, language and culture. Including the Monticello location, Project H.E.A.L. has 10 sites across St. Cloud, Long Prairie, Melrose and Sauk Centre.

“I’m so proud of our employees and their willingness to personally contribute to the annual giving campaign,” said Mary Ellen Wells, Administrator for CentraCare Health – Monticello. “At CentraCare Health – Monticello we care. We care about our patients. We care about our residents. And we care about our community by volunteering our time and donating financial resources to improve the health of our community through programs such as Project H.E.A.L.”

Project H.E.A.L. provides free health screenings and basic health services to anyone in need. It is offered the first Thursday of each month at 5 p.m. at the Monticello High School, 5225 School Boulevard, in conjunction with the SHARE food distribution program coordinated by A Glorious Church.  Health care volunteers from CentraCare Health – Monticello, CentraCare Health – Monticello Medical Group and the Monticello Clinic are available to answer health-related questions and provide basic health care services.  Project H.E.A.L. provides care to individuals for a variety of health concerns from sore throats and head lice to burns and back injuries.

CentraCare Health – Paynesville

Cy and MerlinThanks to the generosity of CentraCare Health – Paynesville employees $29,000 was raised to enhance amenities for seniors of Stearns Place, including:

  • Adding an awning over the patio area
  • Adding a whirlpool tub room

Last summer an awning was placed at Stearns Place. Tenants love the awning! The patio area where they enjoy their outdoor time is south/southwest facing and gets the sun all day. Having the shade awning protects them from the heat of the day while allowing them to get outside to enjoy fresh air!

The whirlpool tub room is currently under construction. The project is expected to be completed by the end of March. Creating a tub room in Stearns Place will give tenants their own space in their home environment and allows for a bath anytime of the day. The tenants have had this on their list for awhile and are excited to have it become a reality!

Stearns Place tenants Cy and Merlin enjoy the warm weather under the new outdoor awning. Tenants can’t wait for warmer weather to use it again!

CentraCare Health – Sauk Centre Nursing Home Beauty Shop

Beauty ShopThanks to the generosity of CentraCare Health employees, family, and friends in Sauk Centre, $12,300 was raised for a complete renovation of the CentraCare Health – Sauk Centre nursing home beauty shop. Of that total, employees contributed $7,942 through the employee campaign in 2015. The remainder came in generous gifts from community donors.

The money raised means a much more comfortable, enjoyable experience for each of the 40 nursing home residents who come into the salon each week, as well as the staff and volunteers who help them.  The remodel, which was completed this month, includes a larger, extended space, new blow dryers, mirrors, lighting, shelving, paint and an adjustable sink to meet the physical needs of the residents.

Bringing comfort, style for Nursing Home residents

Before the renovation, shampooing at the sink was often a drenching experience for the stylist, nursing assistant, and everyone involved. Jennifer Wolbeck, a nursing home resident, said the high backed chair made getting a shampoo very cumbersome. “I got wet every time,” she said, “it was a shower with shampoo!” With the old setup, though, “I didn’t care; it didn’t keep me away,” she said, eyes twinkling. “But this is very nice; very good,” said Wolbeck, smiling and tossing her nicely styled auburn curls. Her grandmother agreed, “The stylist does her hair a different way each time: shampoo, style — and sometimes color, too. She always likes to get her hair done!”

St. Benedict's Senior Community – Monticello Dance Floor

Mary Lou and DuaneYou don’t stop dancing because you grow old. Thanks to the generosity of St. Benedict’s Senior Community (SBSC) employees, $3,500 was raised for a portable dance floor for the residents of the Monticello campus. The money raised allows residents to remain active and enjoy the health benefits of dancing.

Various musicians, bands and dance groups come to entertain on a regular basis, and the Employee Campaign gifts will impact the SBSC residents’ quality of life by providing a variety of social and entertaining opportunities that may not have been possible without employee support!

“There are so many benefits to dancing. Not only is it a great form of exercise, it’s also used as a transition from moving to walking. The dance floor was a huge surprise which was revealed at our Halloween party. We look forward to dancing at future events!” ~ Emma N. and Ashley W., SBSC Recreation staff

Never miss a chance to dance

Just ask Mary Lou P. a long-time resident of SBSC. She is aging with attitude and has always been an avid dancer. “I dance because it’s what I love to do.” Mary Lou was pleasantly surprised when the dance floor was revealed at their Halloween party. She was promised a dance by Duane Manke, SBSC Maintenance Engineer Coordinator, and they were one of the first to break-in the dance floor. She expressed her appreciation and thoughtfulness to the staff for being so generous with their donation. “It will be wonderful to dance at home!”

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