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  • Benefactor Recognition

Benefactor Recognition

  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Darwin Bonn
  • 2018 Service to the Foundation Award Recipients, Peggy Carlson & Chuck Nielsen
  • 2018 Rising Star Award Recipient, Patrick Lynch
  • 2018 Beacon Society Award Recipients, Julie Esselman & Doug Prahl

CentraCare Health Foundation Board of Directors presented LaGratitude 2018 on September 27, 2018. This event recognizes and thanks philanthropic leaders for their generous support of the Central Minnesota community.

The class of 2018 award recipients included:

Darwin Bonn
2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes benefactors for their years of giving, service to CentraCare Health, community engagement and history of generosity.

Peggy Carlson & Chuck Nielsen
2018 Service to the Foundation Award

This award recognizes benefactors for their work, commitment and generosity as philanthropists as well as their over-the-top service to CentraCare Health.

Patrick Lynch
2018 Rising Star Award

This award recognizes “rising star” benefactors for their dedication, commitment, involvement and philanthropy to CentraCare Heath.

Julie Esselman & Doug Prahl
2018 Beacon Society Award

This award recognizes benefactors who have committed to leaving their legacy through an estate or planned gift to CentraCare Health that will help ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Recipients From Previous Years

Lifetime Achievement Awards

2017: Gene and Sheelah Windfeldt

2016: Rollie & Barbara A. Anderson

2015: Mae Ellingson-Skalicky

2014: Benedict and Dorothy Gorecki

2013: Dan and Mabel Coborn
Read their story to learn more.

Service to the Foundation Awards

2017: Dr. Terry and Sue Pladson

2016: Leighton Broadcasting

2015: Lee Hanson

Rising Star Awards

2015: Christy Gilleland

2014: Douglas J. Boser

Beacon Society Award

2017: Bernie Perryman and Keith Ulrick

Philanthropist of the Year

2017: Coborn's Incorporated

2016: Tom Rosen

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