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Welcome to our newest animal-assisted therapy team member!

Published on January 18, 2017

Welcome to our newest animal-assisted therapy team member!

  • Mauer, a Saint Bernard, is CentraCare Health's newest member of the animal-assisted therapy team. He will be volunteering at the Monticello Cancer Center.
  • Mauer, CentraCare Health's newest animal-assisted therapy team member, during a recent visit to the Monticello Cancer Center.
  • The animal-assisted therapy team at CentraCare Health work to help the well being of family members, visitors and staff.

CentraCare Health – Monticello welcomes Mauer, the Saint Bernard therapy dog, who will be volunteering at the Monticello Cancer Center. Our animal-assisted therapy team works to help promote physical, social, emotional and mental healing to our adult and child patients.

We recently talked with Mauer to learn more about his background and the daily life of a therapy dog.

Q: How old are you?

Mauer: I am 3-years-old. I don’t know what that is in dog years — you do the math.

Q: How long have you been volunteering in the community?

Mauer: I was certified through Therapy Dogs International in June 2016. It’s a very thorough evaluation and testing process. I was dog-tired after that but it was totally worth it. I have been a volunteer at schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and a police station.

Q: We heard that you help children with their reading skills. Can you read?

Mauer: Kids come to the Monticello Public Library on the first Thursday of every month for “R.E.A.D. with Mauer.” They read books to me. I am a great listener.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Mauer: I like to cruise around town with my paw out the window of the vehicle — with my protective eye “doggles” on. I help drop off and pick up the kids from school. I like to swing through Caribou to get my “pupaccino” (whip cream with dog treats sprinkled on top) while running errands.

Q: What do you do at home?

Maurer: I love to snuggle with humans or a toy to snuggle with. I am just a big teddy bear. I am kind of a local celebrity. I even have my own Facebook page. Check it out at

Learn More About Our Animal-Assisted Therapy Team

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