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CentraCare launches Gender Medicine program

Published on July 19, 2017

CentraCare launches Gender Medicine program

Joni Steffens, APRN, CSC
Program Director
Gender Medicine, Sexual Medicine 

Compassionate care for the whole personGender has taken front stage in topics trending in the media lately. Earlier this year, both TIME magazine and National Geographic ran stories featuring transgender individuals on their covers.

Societies across the globe are seeking to comprehend the complexities of gender. Sex and gender are often used interchangeably, yet they are different. Our sex is assigned to us at birth, often based upon the appearance of external genitalia. Sex is anatomy and physiology, and includes genitalia, reproductive organs, hormones and chromosomes. Gender, on the other hand, can be defined as a complex interrelationship between our sex, our gender identity and our gender expression.

There is a tremendous need for welcoming, safe, affirming and competent health care for LGBTQ members of our community, and transgender and nonbinary folks in particular.

CentraCare is now providing Gender Medicine services at the CentraCare Health Plaza in St. Cloud. The program features an interdisciplinary team committed to promoting wellness and human flourishing of every individual, every day — regardless of sexual orientation, relationship, gender identity or gender expression.

We will honor every individual’s right to self-determination and authentic expression, including the use of chosen names and pronouns.

The team includes primary care, urology, sexual medicine, mental health, obstetrics/gynecology and patient navigation professionals who have received advanced training in transgender health.

If you are seeking an affirming medical team with whom you can share decision making and who will support you throughout your journey of health and wellness, we would love to share more about our Gender Medicine program. Reach out to us by calling 320-654-3633 or learn more about our program at

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Joni Steffens, CNM

Joni Steffens, APRN, CSC
Program Director
Gender Medicine, Sexual Medicine
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