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Set yourself up for success!

Published on April 21, 2016

Set yourself up for success!

Alyssa Monson, Registered Dietitian
CentraCare Weight Management

Plan multiple meals.Planning ahead can save time, money and stress when it comes to meals. It also can set you up for success when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance. When you already have your meals planned and prepped, you are making the healthy option, the easy option.

Use these tips for meal planning:

  • Plan multiple meals. It can save time and money to plan menus for an entire week instead of day-to-day.
  • Adapt your menus to the seasons. Use the freshest foods available for your meals. Swap out-of-season (probably more expensive) fruits and vegetables for in season fruits and vegetables.
  • Be adventurous. Try new cuisines or new ingredients. See something new at your grocery store produce section? Try it out! You can research recipes online or in cookbooks.
  • Plan for leftovers. Making enough food for two (or more!) meals at once saves time. You can freeze the extras for a quick microwave meal.
  • Look for shortcuts. Look for pre-cut vegetables and fruits. The freezer section has some great vegetable mixes to use as a base for meals. Just make sure to choose a variety without sauce!

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