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Is your child ready for camp?

Published on July 14, 2015

Is your child ready for camp?

Denise Lenarz, MD, Pediatrician
CentraCare Clinic - Health Plaza Pediatrics

Preparing your child for the start of camp can help to reduce separation anxiety and make your child feel more secure in a new situation.


Prepare your child for camp to help make your child feel more secure

  • Work with your child on how to play nicely with other kids, concentrating on avoiding fighting and crying.
  • Talk through a scenario where your child has conflict with another camper. For instance, your child is waiting patiently in line for ice cream treats. Another camper cuts in line. How would your child react?
  • Practice sitting quietly and listening attentively.
  • Teach your child to use the toilet independently.
  • Practice using buttons and zippers and tying shoes.
  • Teach your child your address, phone number and repeating his or her full name.
  • Have a sleepover at a friend’s or grandparent’s house to prepare for overnight camps.

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