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Family Medicine Residency

The University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency program prepares family physicians to both possess the training and expertise to provide definitive care for the vast majority of patients they will see in their practice, and to adapt to the leadership roles that will be part of their future practice in the community. Our program emphasizes teaching in outpatient settings that are supportive, exciting learning environments. Instruction focuses on evidence-based medicine; teaching you how to apply the current literature to your individual patients.

The University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program offers a three-year residency in Family Medicine. The program is entering its third decade of developing caring, competent physicians for primary care practice in communities of the Midwest.

Our 6/5/5 program is St. Cloud Hospital's only residency program. The program's academic sponsor is the University of Minnesota and we are fully accredited through the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Program Highlights

  • A new, state-of-the-art, 19,000 square-foot clinic
  • Unopposed, inpatient training at St. Cloud Hospital, a 489-bed hospital with over 450 physicians on the medical staff
  • High faculty-resident ratio (1:2)
  • Teaching by physician faculty whom, on average, have greater than 24 years of practice experience as family physicians
  • Fully integrated Electronic Medical Record (Epic) in both the clinic and hospital

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A Welcome From the Program Director

Thomas Satre, MD

Thomas J. Satre, MD
Program Director

"Oh, your resident was just here. What a great doctor!"

This was a recent comment from the mother of one of my patients as I walked into her child's hospital room to pay a visit. I hear similar comments frequently, but it never gets old and continues to fill me with pride. Not pride in myself, but pride in our residents and in everyone who has guided, mentored and taught them at this institution. It's amazing to think how many people are involved in training our residents. not just our residency faculty and the 400 or so physicians on the medical staff, but the multitude of nurses, ancillary staff, advanced practice providers and administrative staff that touch them during their journey.

"My resident this month..."

Thus began a comment from one of our sub-specialty physicians at St. Cloud Hospital regarding one of our residents he was working with. It struck me how he began the sentence, using the first person possessive, "my," instead of the second person possessive, "your." It struck me so much that I had to shake myself out of my thoughts and back to the conversation. This physician, like the others in St. Cloud and the surrounding rural clinics, has taken ownership of his part in our residents' training. Maybe a subtle shift in words, but it speaks highly of the efforts our community puts forth.

Welcome to our website, I invite you to look around and learn more about our program. Cyberspace can't do it justice, however. We hope you can experience it in person.

Tom Satre, MD
Program Director

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact:

Laurie Schmidt
Program Coordinator
Phone: 320-240-3112
Fax: 320-240-3165

Mailing Address:

University of Minnesota/St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program
1555 Northway Drive
Suite 200
St. Cloud, MN 56303-1867