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CentraCare is committed to a safe learning environment. We are offering some classes and conferences in person with guidelines to keep everyone safe.

And we are offering some of our popular classes online. See what's available

COVID-19 Information: Learn what we are doing to keep you healthy and safe.

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  • Art Therapy

    This art therapy group session is for anyone with cancer. The focus of art therapy is self-exploration and healing.

  • Cancer Support Group - Sauk Centre

    Join us for a cancer support group in Sauk Centre.

  • Caregivers Group

    Connect with other caregivers in this group with a focus on reducing anxiety and stress and increasing positive emotions.

  • Enhancement Program for Cancer Patients

    This program provides cancer patients with wigs, hats and accessories at no charge.

  • Hematology Support Group

    This support group is for those whose lives have been impacted by hematological illnesses.

  • Music Therapy

    Free for anyone with cancer. Sessions promote self-expression, symptom management, and relaxation through personalized music experiences.

  • Nutrition Counseling

    Nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian are available for Coborn Cancer Center patients and their families.

  • Reach to Recovery

    Reach to Recovery volunteers are available to talk to women facing all types of surgery and treatment for breast cancer.

  • Songs of Life Group

    Free for anyone with cancer. Join us as we share music and songs that have brought meaning to our lives.

  • Thriving With Cancer Group

    Connect with others experiencing cancer. The focus of this group is on self-exploration and healing.

Page of 2, showing items 1-10 of 11.