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Online Application Frequently Asked Questions

1. I forgot my user name and password, how can I retrieve it?

Click on the forgot username and password link on the applicant login page, enter in your first name, last name and last four digits of your social security number. The security question you have selected will pop up. Correctly answer the question and select either email username or password to have it emailed to your email address on file OR display username and password to see it displayed on the screen.

2. The application isn’t accepting my social security number?

The number has to include dashes like the example shown to the right of the field. For example: 999-99-9999.

3. It won’t accept my social security number, but when I try to retype it I cannot delete what is already in the field.

Highlight the entire social security field and hit the Delete key. Please note the Backspace key will not work.

4. I am under the position that I want to apply for, but when I click the link to apply nothing happens?

It is likely that the computer that you are using has a Pop-up Blocker. You will need to temporarily disable the Pop-up Blocker in order to apply. Please note this can typically be done under the tools menu on your web browser. Once the application is complete you will most likely want to re-enable the Pop-up Blocker.

5. It is asking me for professional licensure information, but I don’t have a professional license.

Type “none” in the required fields.

6. Some applicants may encounter a survey at the end of their application. How often does the survey need to be completed?

The survey needs to be completed once every 12 months.

7. I was in the middle of the survey and it froze. How can I complete the survey?

You can complete the survey by visiting the website directly: The username is: stcloud and the password is: survey.

8. When I tried to apply for another position, I received a notice that I have reached the maximum number of applications. What does this mean?

You are allowed to have a maximum of five active applications at a time. You will need to wait to apply for another position until an active application is inactivated (i.e. filled by another applicant). You will receive an email notification when you are no longer being considered for a position. This will be your notification that you may now apply for another position.

9. Why do I have to authorize access to my credit history?

As part of the application process with CentraCare Health, you will be asked to provide your past addresses and also authorize us to access your credit history. We only use this information to verify your past addresses, we do not check your credit history. Offers are contingent upon passing a background check and a background check is only ordered after a job offer has been made.

10. I have applied for a position, what should I expect now?

After you apply, your application will be reviewed by the recruiter assigned to that position. This person will contact you either through email to notify that the position has been filled or by phone to schedule an interview. We do not have closing dates for our positions, but applicants typically hear from the recruiter approximately three weeks after they apply.

11. I heard there was an opening but I cannot find the position on your website. How do I apply?

You may only apply for positions currently posted on our website. We do post and fill positions daily so you will want to review the website regularly.

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