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Dr. Davis’s Pre-Med Shadow Program

If you are a college student who is applying for Dr. Davis’s Pre-Med Shadow program, please carefully review the information below.

When complete, send your typed application and all required documentation (as listed on the application) to the Medical Staff Office. Submission of required application and documentation material does not mean that you are approved for the CentraCare Pre-Med Shadow Program. The Medical Staff Office will notify you if your request has been approved. Applications with missing documentation will not be considered.

Fax: 320-656-7115

Pre-Med Shadow Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is Dr. Davis’s Pre-Med Shadow Program offered?

This program is offered two times a year. The first session involves a two-week period over Winter Break (beginning late December), and the second session is in the summer during the months of June, July and August. (Students are selected for one of the two sessions). The summer program is more flexible, to allow students to work and go on vacation. We ask that you commit to 10 days if participating in the winter program and a minimum of 15 days if participating in the summer program.

What are the hours of shadowing?

Generally, this program involves daytime hours, 4-6 hours per day, depending on the specialty you are shadowing. On occasion, you may have an opportunity to shadow during an evening or night. Evening and night hours are only provided if your schedule allows.

How do you determine who is accepted?

Once you have completed the required paperwork, it is reviewed by Dr. Davis, and selection of the students is made. All paperwork must be typed and not handwritten.

One of the factors involved in determining who is selected is the student’s year in his/her collegiate program. We like to have students in their junior year of education, and most of the students selected are in their junior or senior year. The selected students will be advised of their acceptance by e-mail or phone, and at that time, they will be provided with a date for orientation. Orientation is mandatory and lasts one day.

Am I required to have my MCAT completed before applying?


How do I apply?

To apply, simply complete the application packet (linked above), and return it in its entirety (with all required documentation) to the Medical Staff Office via email or fax 320-656-7115.

If I previously participated in the program, can I apply again?

No. Because the number of participants is limited, students may only participate in the program once. 

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