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Graduate Nurse Residency

Registered Nurse First Year Residency Program

St. Cloud Hospital has a unique and extremely popular New Graduate Nurse Residency Program. This program provides support resources to the Graduate RN as she/he transitions from academia to professional practice. As a member of the program, new graduates are hired into regular RN positions and wages, but also enjoy the added benefits that this program offers.

St. Cloud Hospital hires new graduate RNs into the Graduate Nurse Residency Program throughout the year depending on the availability of RN positions that consider new graduate candidates. There is no deadline for applying. Applicants are considered a new graduate RN until they have greater than 12 months of nursing experience.

Additional Program Details

Application Process

Placement is dependent on interview preferences for units and hours, references, work history and experience, clinical student experiences and open positions.

A formal application process is required and includes the following steps:

Number 1

1. Submit an online employment application to the “Graduate Nurse Residency Program.”

Apply for the Graduate Nurse Residency Program now!

Number 2

2. Submit three references. Two references need to be from nursing faculty. One reference needs to be from an employment supervisor.

Note! In order to be reviewed, both parts of the application process must be completed!

To have our online form sent to your references, select the link below and complete the information on the following page.

Graduate Nurse Residency Faculty Reference Request Form

Program Purpose

The purpose of this program is to improve the transition from student to professional nurse by supporting the new graduate professionally during the first year of nursing.

The objectives of the program are:

  1. Effectively recruit and retain qualified new graduate nurses.
  2. Facilitate the development of clinical and leadership skills necessary for first year transition to practice.
  3. Support the advanced beginner nurse to become a competent member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  4. Establish a framework for understanding nursing sensitive indicators.
  5. Develop SCH Culture of Nursing Practice based on Magnet standards and the COMPASS Professional Practice Model.

What to Expect

The program includes hospital and nursing classroom orientation, followed by additional clinical orientation, coupled with experienced preceptors. Throughout the first year, additional education and support are provided in groups with other new graduates in order to increase knowledge, networks of peers and confidence in nursing practice. In addition to the strong clinical focus, the program provides professional development in the area of delegation, communication and critical thinking.

Successful candidates have been hired into areas such as:

  • Bone & Joint
  • Cardiac Care Unit
  • Children's Center
  • Cardiac Care Unit
  • Dialysis
  • Emergency Trauma Center
  • Family Birthing
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Medical/Oncology
  • Mental Health (Adult and Adolescent)
  • Neuroscience/Spine
  • Post Anesthesia Care
  • Surgery
  • Surgical Care
  • Telemetry
  • and more

Thank you for your time and effort in completing the steps necessary for consideration in our Graduate Nurse Residency program. If you are selected for an interview, one of our human resources staff will contact you via telephone or email.

For questions related to pay and benefits, please contact the Human Resources Department at 320-255-5650.

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