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CareFinder App

CareFinder App

CentraCare's CareFinder App

Find a healthcare provider located close to your home, office or child’s school

CareFinder quickly identifies the right provider - at the right location - at the right price.

You’re in a hurry, and need to know the closest CentraCare provider who can help. But that’s not all. The provider must be the right specialist, the most affordable, at the location closest to you -- wherever you are at that moment.

CareFinder App

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That’s how the CareFinder app can help. In just a few seconds, the app can identify exactly the right provider and location.

Here’s how the Carefinder app works:

  1. Select the type of condition: Skin condition, illness, infection, injury, pain.
  2. Select the symptoms from a drop-down menu.
  3. Based on symptoms, the app will generate a list of appropriate care options near you with the most affordable options at the top.
    Choose a location to get directions, make an appointment, or get nurse advice.

The ‘Contact Us’ button offers easy access to CentraCare Connect, eClinic, and MyChart directly from the app.

The CareFinder app was designed to eliminate confusing website searches and conveniently get you to the right care at the right place – all from your smartphone.