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“Your Health” on KNSI Radio

Your Health is important to us.

To help explain issues important to your health, CentraCare Health physicians, advanced practice providers and other health care professionals are talking each week on the new KNSI radio show, “Your Health.” We are bringing health news to our community in many ways and you can listen to “Your Health,” right here! Or, listen weekly on AM 1450 and FM 99.3, Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. and Sundays at 9:30 a.m.

June 22: Men's Health

Physical Therapist Jon Heger from St. Cloud Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation – Plaza will discuss activities and fitness as you age. When you become older your activites and fitness change. Jon will talk about why your exercise routine should change as you age and give example of some general exercises for older adults.

June 15: Men's Health

Family Medicine Physician Jay-Sheree Allen, MD, from CentraCare Health – Long Prairie will talk about men’s health checks. She’ll discuss issues such as why men tend to not seek out care, why men need to take the time to get health check-ups, and some important topics that men should discuss with their health care providers.

June 8: Organ Donation

Casey Schmidt, St. Cloud Hospital Intensive Care Unit educator, and John Vosberg, an organ recipient, will talk about the significance of organ donation. John will discuss what his experience was like being a recipient and the impact it had on him. Casey will be discussing statistics, facts and the need for transplant donations.

June 1: Summer Safety

Dr. Jill Amsberry from CentraCare Clinic – Health Plaza Pediatrics will discuss summer safety. Summer is right around the corner and she’ll have tips on how to keep your child safe. She’ll talk about safety with sun exposure, helmet use, and how to avoid dangers and common accidents while still having fun this summer.

May 25: Women’s Health Screenings

Family Medicine Physician Jay-Sheree Allen, MD, from CentraCare Health – Long Prairie will talk about women’s health checks, why it’s important and what they should get done while getting a check-up. She also will discuss what happens at check-ups and important topics that women should discuss with their provider.

May 18: Tobacco Use

Meghan Bown, CentraCare Health Tobacco Treatment Program Manager, and Nicole Zenk, CentraCare Family Health Center Nurse Practitioner, will discuss how tobacco will impact your health, the different statistics between teens using tobacco and adults using it, what are e-cigarettes, the danger they pose, and what some treatment options are for tobacco use.

May 11: Exercise

Physical Therapist Jon Heger from St. Cloud Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation – Plaza will explain how to begin and maintain a good exercise routine. All of us at some point want to exercise and maintain it, but it’s hard. So, we will discuss important questions such as: Why do you want to exercise? What are exercise options? And how do you keep at it long term?

May 4: Allergies

Dr. Jill Amsberry from CentraCare Clinic – Health Plaza Pediatrics will explain why the changing of seasons triggers allergic symptoms and what are some remedies. She also will discuss when someone should see a professional and how allergies are diagnosed and treated.

April 27: Depression

Dr. Jay-Sheree Allen from CentraCare Health – Long Prairie will explain what causes depression, how to diagnose it, and what some treatment options are. She’ll cover signs and symptoms and how other factors such as sleep, diet, and exercise, can play into it.

April 20: Child Advocacy Center

Cheyenne Orcutt, from the Central Minnesota Child Advocacy Center, will discuss what the Child Advocacy Center is and what they do. You will learn what to do if a child is abused or neglected and how you as a parent can protect your child from abuse.

April 13: Earth Day Run

Jodi Gertken, CentraCare Health Community Wellness Program Director, will talk about the Earth Day run coming up on April 19-20 in downtown St. Cloud. It will be a great community event and Jodi will have details on all you need to know.

April 6: Back Pain

Back pain, from the lower back up to the neck, is an incredibly common problem for both men and women. We’ll talk with Dr. Michael Massey about symptoms, treatment and prevention, and find out when you should go to see the doctor.

March 30: Tobacco Use

Kasey Cable will share stats on tobacco use, common tobacco products and both the health impact and economic impact of tobacco use. We’ll discuss advocate activity, legislative updates, kids' tobacco use, as well as what is being done to help keep tobacco away from minors.

March 23: Common Sleep Issues

Dr. Troy Payne, Neurologist, Sleep Medicine at CentraCare, will share with us what really is good sleep and how much sleep we should be getting. We’ll discuss common sleep issues, what are things people can do at home to get better sleep and when do they need to see a professional for help.

March 16: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Pam Beckering, Adverse Childhood Experiences coordinator with CentraCare, will discuss how traumatic events experienced as children can have a life-long impact on health. Pam will explain what Adverse Childhood Experiences are, their impact on you or your child’s health and how your health care provider can help.

March 9: Common Winter Health Conditions

Dr. Sean Wherry from Family Medicine talks about common winter health conditions in the community, home remedies that work and are safe to try, common wives’ tales, and where to seek care for different types of health conditions.

March 2: Wellness

Jodi Gertken, Community Wellness Program Director, talks about how living healthy isn’t just about receiving care when you’re sick. It’s also about living healthy to potentially prevent health issues in the future.