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Published on February 19, 2018

St. Cloud Hospital warns of phone scam

A current phone scam is attempting to obtain consumer credit card information by claiming payment is due for medical services.

The telephone call appears to come from St. Cloud Hospital. In a practice called “caller ID spoofing,” the scammer alters the caller ID to show the hospital’s name and a local phone number.

An automated system then states the “St. Cloud Hospital Credit Card Company needs payment for a credit card limit that has been reached.” The call then transfers to a person who will request credit card information.

If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of a call or of providing personal or financial information over the phone to any CentraCare Health entity, contact the CentraCare Health Business Office at 320-255-5622 or 800-835-6618.

The scam calls are not associated in any way with CentraCare Health and are fraudulent. The scammers have no access to CentraCare Health data. While the CentraCare Health Business Office does call patients to help resolve payment questions, it does not use automated calling systems and does not identify itself as the “St. Cloud Hospital Credit Card Company.”

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Communications Department

To contact:
Dial 320-251-2700 and ask to speak to a Communications representative.

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