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Population Health Education topics

  • What is population health?
  • How will this change the way we currently operate?
  • How will this be different for our patients?
  • Why is it important to make sure Epic is accurate.
  • Why should I promote the use of MyChart and eClinic?
  • How will patients find their way through the system?
  • Different ways Population Health affects the different roles in the organization:
    • Frontline staff
    • Nurses
    • Call Center
    • Physicians
    • Lab
    • IS
    • Community Health Workers
  • Community-centered care
  • Getting patients engaged and involved
  • Data tracking
    • Reactive vs. Proactive
  • Patient groups
    • 3 unique patient populations
      • High risk
      • Rising risk
      • Low risk
  • Where can you find additional information/education?
  • Working with other clinics/organizations
    • CIN-related
  • Importance of care coordinators/care management
  • Focusing on ALL of the patient’s needs
    • Not just clinical
    • Social
    • Cultural
  • Prevention vs. Treatment
  • Looking at trends
    • Developing lean, scalable interventions

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