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Report to the Community 2018

Partnering with Purpose

Ken Holmen

Ken Holmen, MD
President & CEO, CentraCare

At CentraCare Health, we are passionate about providing health care that truly benefits our communities. As a care-delivery organization, we are also called upon to help educate people about good health and how to maintain it. That’s our commitment to the community.

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why CentraCare partners with numerous organizations to make an even greater impact on people around us. Together, we’re part of something bigger.

You will read some inspiring stories in this report that focus on one thing: partnering with purpose.

It starts with our team — amazing caregivers who are also your neighbors, friends and even your family. Every day, we strive to deliver exceptional care and serve you.

I hope you enjoy this annual report which recaps our year — and highlights the many ways we partner to improve the health of our communities.

Partnering with Purpose

Report to the Community 2018
Partnering with Purpose

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Please read these inspiring stories that focus on one thing: partnering with purpose.

A quick look at our Annual Report

Our Cover Story

The Story of George Beck: A boy, a team and a success

Community Partnerships

- Child Advocacy Center

- Correctional Care

- Education Partnerships


115,000: Hours of service provided by our 1,804 volunteers. Learn more about Volunteering

Physicians & Advanced Practice Providers

900+: Number of physicians and advanced practice providers employed by CentraCare Health.

Stroke Center

1,049: Stroke patients cared for by CentraCare Neurosciences Stroke Center — more than any other Minnesota hospital.

Helicopter landings

954: Number of times medical helicopters landed at St. Cloud Hospital, transporting the critically ill from across the state to our Level II Trauma Center.

CentraCare Facts & Figures

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